Thursday, October 23, 2014


I was in the CBD today at a meeting in McKillop Street.  It was gorgeous.  The sun was out and folk were eating at tables along the street.  Very continental.

 After the meeting and seeing I hadnt really had breakfast I called in to a cafe called DIP-IN.  Hadn't been there before.  They had an extensive GF menu and I though toast, jam and tea would be good.  I asked for small size and was brough two BIG, BIG slices of fluffy GF toast and three different kinds of jam.

This cafe serves Fluffy toast, not the cardboard imitation which somestimes passes as GF, and a big serve of tea in a glass pot and a big jug of milk.  It was a treat.  

If you are ever down that way I recommend it.  Of course they have lots more than just tea and toast, heaps of dips and snack and cakes.  Its a big cafe with not too many seats, so it feels not crowded.  I loved it.  Forgot to mention, they have a small library which you can take a book from whilst you are having breakfast - for me, that was the icing on the cake…..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I don't have a juicer because I have always preferred smoothies (green and otherwise), but there are times when a juice just hits the bill.  Thank goodness for the growing real juice range at supermarkets.  Though not nearly as comprehensive as the range you can get overseas, at least we have some.  The three best I use every day. Harveys Carrot Juice ($2), A Sunraysia beet and apple juice (in glass and more beet than apple $5), and Sanitarium Coconut milk ($2).  All of these are fabulous, and a whole lot less expensive than a juicer, although I will be road testing some.

For lunch today I decided to have a beet, carrot and coconut blend.  Totally and absolutely luscious.  On a hot day you can add ice-cubes, and a slice of lemon or lime, and a sprig of mint.

There is no particular percentage of each juice.  Just make it up to your taste. Today,  I put in half beetroot juice, a quarter ccarrot juice and then a quarter coconut milk.

The GLUTEN FREE muffin in the picture comes from a local Woodend
cafe called The Village Larder.  These are the most fantastic GF muffins I have ever tasted, however I ration myself to about one a month.  They are really big, light and fluffy.  I told myself that because I was photographing it for you, I could have one!  So, thank you.  I guess I could make my own, but they wouldn't be nearly as good as this.  The Village Larder advertise that they make everything from scratch - nothing is made from a packet.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I love a morning smoothie, and this one is terrific.
 I am not good with amounts.  I just make mine to taste.  Sometimes more of one thing, some morning more of another…  This morning I thought I would take a pic - but I decided AFTER, I had started drinking.  It was luscious.  The persimmons are from my daughters garden - her tree is just loaded.

1 egg (you could use either the whole egg, the white, or the yolk depending on dietary needs)
Half a cup of yoghurt - coconut is great
a slosh of coconut milk
1T of coconut oil (melted)
Half a frozen banana
3 fresh or dried dates
1 teaspoon of concentrated apple juice (you could use orange)
and half a cup of water
*If you are trying to gain weight, or are recovering from surgery or illness
you could add protein powder to the mix.

Put it in your blender and whiz.  Then enjoy.  In just 10 minutes you will have a wonderful rich mix.  Serve in a lovely glass with a scrape of nutmeg or cinnamon across the top to make it really special.


Before you start this challenge you will have to do a bit of prep.  Including getting your blender out of storage.  I have a garden, and the greens in my garden are going to provide most of the greens in the smoothies.  The pictures to the right are of the containers on my patio.  I started them when my garden was a bog, and even though it is now fixed, I have kept the patio pots.  They produce all the year and are easy to care for.

I have Gluten Intolerance, so there are a few things off limits.  If you don't have this problem you might like to add protein powders and thickeners to yours, but I have to be careful that there is not gluten in the protein powders.  If they don't say "Gluten Free" then they are not.  "Gluten Friendly" means "all care, no responsibility".

1.The morning smoothie (ungreen) needs no protein if you are able to add an egg.

2. Don't use the same ingredients in every smoothie, and understand that you are concentrating your greens, so a small handful of greens is good.

3. Add good fats.  this will help your mind function better, and will stop you from feeling hungry.  Coconut oil is my favourite.

4. Let your body tell you what it needs.  Expect your stools to be different because you are changing your diet probably big time.  If you tend to get constipated hold off on the extra added fibre.  If you tend the other way, then put in the fibre, a banana, and not too much fruit.

5.  You are drinking concentrated goodness, so don't take too much at a sitting.  You will overload your digestion.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Christmas is coming, the good weather is upon us (some days), and we are starting to bring our gorgeous summer gear out of the wardrobe.  Does it fit?  Do you feel sluggish or fabulous?  Watch this space, and take our challenge for a healthier, happier you.

All it takes is a blender (your old one will do just fine - not a juicer), some dark leafy vegetables preferably from out of your very own garden, and a few minutes in the kitchen.  It is a no-brainer.

Smoothies are the healthiest fast food, and when you add GLUTEN FREE to the description then they are the slimmingest, healthiest fast food.  Watch this space.